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Company name Richouen Co.,Ltd.
Location 〒547-0001 4-1-4, Kamikita, Hirano-ku, Osaka-city, Osaka, Japan
※It is a 3 minute walk from Exit3 of Minami-tatsumi station on the Subway Sennichimae Line.

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Factory(Kimchi・Side dish, Noodle production, Meat processing, Dumplings production, Chili Roasting)
The first Factory
〒547-0001 4-1-4, Kamikita, Hirano-ku, Osaka-city, Osaka, Japan 
Second Factory
〒544-0013 3-7-2, Tatsuminaka, Ikuno-ku, Osaka-city, Osaka, Japan 
Third Factory
〒544-0004 4-14-8, Tatsumikita, Ikuno-ku, Osaka-city, Osaka, Japan 
Contact TEL:+816-6791-2222 FAX:+816-6791-2223
President President Representative Director Yoshikawa Soushuku
Capital ¥20,000,000
Establishment June22, 1990
Employees 55 employees, 120 part-time workers(As of April 2019)
Business Area 1. Manufacture of Kimchi and Korean Side dishes
2. Sales of retail products such as Supermarkets, department stores
3. Food sales business related to Hotel, restaurant, various food service industries
4. Menu planning, Product planning and development
5. Inport and sales of Korean food
6. Inport and export trade of other foods
7. Restaurant business
Items handled Own brand Korean foods about 100 items such as kimchi, cold noodles and seasonings, About 400 items imported from Korea
Major customer Major restaurant chain store, Major retailers, Major food trading company etc
Affiliated company Ei Food Service Co.,Ltd.